Jakarta Raid Reveals Wildlife Crime Syndicates

(ProFauna Indonesia, 27th February 2009) The confiscation of the body parts of Sumatran tigers, leopards, bears, and Sumatran elephants from Jatinegara market, Jakarta, Indonesia (Thursday, 12 February 2009) led to another wildlife dealer in the capital city of the country, AZ. ProFauna, as a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, joined the Jakarta Wildlife Alliance (Forum Satwa Liar Jakarta) consisting of other wildlife organizations: LASA (the Wildlife Advocacy Institute) which is also ProFauna's member society, Wildlife Conservation Society, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, and International Animal Rescue; to urge and facilitate the authorities to conduct the operation.

Raid of Tiger Skins Illicit Trade in Jakarta

(Jakarta, 12 February 2009), In a joint raid by the Police, Elang (Indonesian word for Eagle) Brigade of the Government's Quick Response Unit, locally known as SPORC, supported by NGOs: ProFauna; WCS, JAAN, IAR, and LASA, led the arrest of four traders of tiger skins and body parts in Rawabening market, Jakarta. The team also recovered 61 pieces of tiger skins, a tiger skull, a stuffed leopard, a piece of leopard head skin, five pieces of bear skins, and some other body parts of protected animals.

Press Release: ProFauna Demands Indonesian Political Partie's Caring For Forest and Wild Animals Protection

(02/04/2009) In April 2009, Indonesia will run its General Election for legislative seats which is participated by 44 political parties. Among the great numbers of the parties, ProFauna considers that no party commits to forest and wild animal protection in its program. In fact, forest and wild animals degradation worsens day by day.

ProFauna’s Parrot Campaign Progress: Law Enforcement to Tackle Illegal Parrot Trade

(ProFauna Indonesia, 28 January 2009) In their latest report, "PIRATED PARROTS", launched in May 2008, the Indonesian wildlife protection NGO ProFauna Indonesia, revealed the evidence on the smuggling of wild caught parrots in Sulawesi and North Halmahera in Indonesia to Philippines during their investigation.

Press Release: Foiled, Smuggling of Six Eclectus Parrots From North Maluku

(01/23/2009) The Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA) of North Maluku forestry department succeeded in foiling the trafficking attempt of six Eclectus parrots (Eclectus roratus) in Goto sea port, Tidore, North Maluku (01/22/2009). The protected birds were poached from the wild in Halmahera Island and about to be smuggled outside the island.

ProFauna Launches Parrot Campaign Program in West Papua

In September 2008, ProFauna launches parrot campaign program in West Papua, Indonesia, starting from Manokwari to other cities. Manokwari is a hub for illegal parrot trade in Papua through its port, where the Indonesian Navy's warships transport the returning army officers to their hometowns, who at the same time bring parrots illegally with them. Apart from this, the area is one of the parrot poaching sites in Papua. ProFauna has many members in Manokwari who support this campaign against such wildlife exploitation.


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