Forest Conservation for PROFAUNA Indonesia as one of PT Impack Pratama’s CSR Programmes

PT Impack Pratama Industri Tbk shows its initiative to join forest and wildlife conservation of PROFAUNA Indonesia through one of its Corporate Social and Responsibilty (CSR) programmes.

Partnership with Forest Farmer Groups to Manage Forests Sustainably

Profauna Indonesia partners with a number of Forest Farmer Groups (locally abbreviated as KTH) to manage forests sustainably in the regencies of Malang and Batu, East Java - Indonesia. 

Partnership with Law Enforcement Department of Environment and Forestry Ministry

Since 2020, Profauna Indonesia has partnered with Law Enforcement Department of the Environment and Forestry for the Greater Java, Bali, and Southeast Nusa regional areas to support the law enforcement efforts

Bird Conservation Partnership with the National Plantation State-Owned Enterprise in Bondowoso Area

Since 2022, Profauna Indonesia has started the bird conservation partnership with the National Plantation State-Owned Enterprise (locally abbreviated as PTPN XII) in the areas of Blawan Plantation,

East Java Natural Resource Conservation Center Center and PROFAUNA Indonesia Sign Cooperation to Protect Sempu Island Nature Reserve

The East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation (locally abbreviated as BBKSDA), Forestry Department,  signed a collaboration with PROFAUNA Indonesia for the protection of the flora, fauna and ecosystems in Sempu Island Nature Reserve


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