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ProFauna Indonesia's Notes - 2012: The Internet Trade of Rare Wildlife Increases

The trade of rare wildlife on the internet increases in 2012. ProFauna Indonesia, a leading organisation working for the protection of wildlife in Indonesia, records show that there have been more than 303 protected wildlife consisting of 27 species being traded on the internet along 2012.

Press Release: Toko Bagus Supports Wildlife Conservation

(11/29/2012) Toko Bagus.Com, one of the biggest online shopping websites in Indonesia, supports ProFauna Indonesia working on wildlife conservation in the country by not displaying the illegal wildlife trade on its website. Toko Bagus expressed its commitment during the meeting with ProFauna Jakarta held on 28th November 2012 in Jakarta.

Photos of Wildlife trade in Indonesia

The illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia has posed serious threat to the wildlife survival because most of the traded wildlife are wild caught instead of captive bred. The trade of the protected wildlife violates the Indonesian law number 5 year 1990. Offenders are liable to a maximum of five year prison term or a maximum of 100 millions Indonesia Rupiah fine. Despite the law, the trade of the rare and protected wildlife like orangutans, gibbons, cockatoos, Sumatran tiger and many more remains high in Indonesia.

Campaign against wildlife trade

Apart from habitat degradation in both quality and quantity, wildlife trade becomes another threat to wildlife in Indonesia. More than 95% of the traded wildlife in the markets are wild caught instead of captive bred. Many endangered wildlife are openly traded in Indonesia. ProFauna Indonesia has been doing campaign against the wildlife trade since 1994.

We have many victories of the campaign.

ProFauna Indonesia Report: Monitoring on the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Bird Markets in February 2012

Every month, ProFauna Indonesia conducts a monitoring on the illegal wildlife trade in the bird (pet/ animal) markets in Java and Bali Islands. The monitoring is intended to know the latest trend of the trade in order for ProFauna to gather data for its campaigns and law enforcement assistances. The monitoring is carried out by visiting each location of the bird market once. Ideally, the one time visit will not represent the whole condition of the markets. However, the monitoring will provide a general condition and trend of the illegal wildlife trade in the markets.

The Illegal Parrot Trade in Bali Increases

ProFauna Bali Representative conducts monthly monitoring on the wildlife traded in Satria bird (animal) market in Denpasar, Bali. Satria market is the largest animal market in the island. For previous months, the parrot trade was small. Surprisingly,

The Illegal Parrot Trade in Bali Increases


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