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Joint Patrol on Mount Buthak, Destroying Animal Snares

A joint forest patrol of the PROFAUNA Indonesia team and the Forestry (Perhutani) police of Malang Office on February 21, 2023, found animal snares built near the hiking trail to Mount Buthak, Malang, East Java. The animal's snare was then destroyed, so that it could no longer be used.

Against the Illegal Wildlife Hunting and Catching Program

Apart from the habitat loss or destruction, hunting or catching of the illegal wildlife in the nature will also trigger the extinction of wildlife in the wild. Catching wild animals using nets, decoy

Happy Holiday from PROFAUNA! Let’s not Make Wildlife Abuse Part of Our Itinerary

PROFAUNA Indonesia, reminds us all to not visit any tourist destination that exploits wildlife this holiday season.

PROFAUNA Protests Wildlife Collection Displayed on “Janji Suci” TV Show

PROFAUNA through our West Java Representatives, protested "Janji Suci" TV show aired on TransTV on 30 April 2017 

Reviewing Animal Use on Television Programs with Broadcasting Companies of West Java

PROFAUNA Indonesia's advisory board member, Dr. Herlina Agustin, talked in front of tens of journalists about animal use in television programs in Bandung, l

Pangolin in Perils: Heinous Myth and Threats

The largest wildlife trafficking involving pangolins took place in 2008 in Palembang, South Sumatera, where the authority seized 14 tons of frozen pangolins from a warehouse. The raid was suspected to be closely connected to other smuggling attempts foiled during that time in Vietnam, as local authorities believed that the pangolins came from Indonesia.


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