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Wildlife Isues, Politics, and the Future of Indonesia

Wildlife and human conflicts related with land possession are very common in Borneo. The cause is the same old 'land occupancy'.

Kaskus Agrees with ProFauna to Remove Wildlife Advertisements

The administrator of Kaskus forum finally responded ProFauna's appeal to remove protected wildlife advertisements on the website.

Press Release: ProFauna Urges KASKUS to Block Advertisements of Protected Wildlife Species

Illegal wildlife trade is going online; we can find such illicit act in social media, internet forums, and online marketplaces

ProFauna Engaged Bandung into not Buying Wildlife

Concerned about the high number of wildlife trade in West Java, ProFauna Indonesia's West Java Representative engaged the people into not buying wildlife. The idea was brought up in an attractive campaign held in Taman Cikapayang, Jalan Dago, Bandung (20/6/2013).

ProFauna Indonesia's Notes - 2012: The Internet Trade of Rare Wildlife Increases

The trade of rare wildlife on the internet increases in 2012. ProFauna Indonesia, a leading organisation working for the protection of wildlife in Indonesia, records show that there have been more than 303 protected wildlife consisting of 27 species being traded on the internet along 2012.

Press Release: Toko Bagus Supports Wildlife Conservation

(11/29/2012) Toko Bagus.Com, one of the biggest online shopping websites in Indonesia, supports ProFauna Indonesia working on wildlife conservation in the country by not displaying the illegal wildlife trade on its website. Toko Bagus expressed its commitment during the meeting with ProFauna Jakarta held on 28th November 2012 in Jakarta.


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