Joint Patrol on Mount Buthak, Destroying Animal Snares

A joint forest patrol of the PROFAUNA Indonesia team and the Forestry (Perhutani) police of Malang Office on February 21, 2023, found animal snares built near the hiking trail to Mount Buthak, Malang, East Java. The animal's snare was then destroyed, so that it could no longer be used.

The joint patrol of 6 personnel responded to the report of some climbers of Mount Buthak who found a dead deer near a spring on the hiking trail. Responding to the report, the PROFAUNA Indonesia and Malang Forestry teams conducted the forest patrols, which resulting the finding of the installed animal snares.

Please see the video of dead antelope in Buthak mountain (Graphic warning): Dead deer found.

After securing the animal's snare on the hiking trail, the team continued to patrol the direction where the dead deer was found. Arriving at the location, the corpse of the deer no longer existed. According to the report by several climbers via PROFAUNA Indonesia's social media, the deer carcass had been buried.

patroli hutan gabungan PROFAUNA

According to the monitoring of PROFAUNA Indonesia, around Mount Buthak is the habitat of several types of wildlife such as deer (muntjac), deer (true deer), Javan langurs, long-tailed monkeys and boars. PROFAUNA also noted that there are at least 50 species of birds that have been identified in this mountain range.

"We will increasingly patrol the forest around Mount Buthak which is part of the Sleeping Beauty Mountains, because in addition to the relatively well-preserved forest, this mountain range is also a habitat for various types of wildlife," explained the ecologist from PROFAUNA Indonesia, Rosek Nursahid.

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