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Find a dead mouse deer in a protected forest, suspected to be a victim of poaching

The PROFAUNA Indonesia forest monitoring team found a dead mouse deer in the Cungkup protected forest, Ngantang District, Malang Regency on May 2 2024.

Tree Nursery Center to Help the Rehabilitation of Damaged Forests

In 2023, PROFAUNA Indonesia collaborates with Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) to implement a tree nursery program aimed at supporting the rehabilitation of damaged forests

The P-WEC Forest: A Prime Example of Successfully Cultivating a Forest with Hundreds of Tree Species

The tree-planting initiative on approximately 5 hectares of land began in 2002, led by PROFAUNA Indonesia and Petungsewu Adventure. The continuous efforts in tree planting and maintenance have resulted in the P-WEC area now flourishing as a forest boasting no fewer than 137 tree species.

Forest Farmer Cry Receiving Tree Seedling Donation

Forest farmer Sugianto shed tears when representing forest farmers to receive 500 tree seedlings from BRI Life, an insurance company, and PROFAUNA Indonesia 

PROFAUNA Helps Farmers Mark the Social Forestry Boundaries on the Slopes of Mount Arjuna

The PROFAUNA Indonesia team assisted the Wonomulyo Forest Farmer Group (KTH) to mark the boundaries of the social forestry areas on the slopes of Mount Arjuna in early November 2023

Police Hunt Poachers Who Caused Forest Fires on the Slopes of Mount Arjuno

Poaching activities on the slopes of Mount Arjuno are suspected of causing forest fires covering an area of more than 100 hectares


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