Against the Illegal Wildlife Hunting and Catching Program

Apart from the habitat loss or destruction, hunting or catching of the illegal wildlife in the nature will also trigger the extinction of wildlife in the wild. Catching wild animals using nets, decoy, sap or snares has significantly caused the local extinctions of wildlife in several areas.

In Java, there are many types of singing birds that were easily encountered, such as the long-tailed shrike, the typical white-eyes, and the typical bar-winged prinia, which are now disappearing in many areas due to being wild-caught on a large scale in the nature. Meanwhile in Sumatra, the decline in the tiger population is also inseparable from the high poaching of the Sumatran tigers. The catch of singing birds in Sumatra to be smuggled to Java via Bandar Lampung is also very high.

PROFAUNA Indonesia places the issue of hunting or catching wildlife in the nature as an important issue that needs to be seriously addressed. In this issue, there are several activities carried out by PROFAUNA:

  • Formation of PROFAUNA Rangers to carry out regular forest patrols
  • Engagement and empowerment of the local communities surrounding the forests to participate in preventing the illegal wildlife hunting
  • Education and campaigns

Through the grassroot actions, PROFAUNA Rangers work to prevent the hunting or capture of the illegal wildlife. Forest patrols are also often carried out with the joint teams consisting of law enforcement authorities: the Forestry and Environment Ministry, the Natural Resources Conservation Center and the State Forestry Agency.

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