Happy Holiday from PROFAUNA! Let’s not Make Wildlife Abuse Part of Our Itinerary

Forest and wildlife protection organization, PROFAUNA Indonesia, reminds us all to not visit any tourist destination that exploits wildlife this holiday season. Most times, the exploitation is disguised as conservation.

Wildlife exploitation comes in many forms, everywhere, and has become quite common that the public does not take it as serious concern. Fetching promotions and fallacious information in the tourism business make it even worse.

"It is time for tourists to get smarter in choosing their destinations: visit educative and environment/wildlife-friendly tourist objects. If people keep visiting places where wild animals are being abused, the cruelty will be aggravate," said Rosek Nursahid, founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

Here is PROFAUNA's guide to being a responsible tourist:

Having Fun in Mountains/Forests:

  • Do not feed the monkeys
  • Put your plastic trash in designated bins
  • Do not throw your trash and cigarette butts on the ground
  • Do not buy Edelweiss flowers sold in mountain areas
  • Do not vandalize stones, trees, or tourist facilities
  • NEVER harm the nature only to take good photos

Visiting Beaches:

  • Do not visit places where sea turtles are kept for a long time for commercial purpose
  • Do not join sea turtle release in broad daylight
  • Do not buy souvenirs made from sea turtle shell
  • Do not buy sea turtle eggs

Going to Animal Parks/Zoos:

  • Avoid places where animals are being exploited (for example places where visitors can handle or ride sea turtles for taking photos)
  • Do not visit tourist destinations where people can have direct contact with animals
  • NEVER feed animals at the zoo!
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ProFauna Indonesia is an Indonesian society for the protection of
wild animals and their habitats