Press Release: ProFauna Urges the Indonesian Government To Stop the Deforestation in Kapuas, West Kalimantan

(08/09/2010) Deforestation of natural forests in Kalimantan or Borneo Island keeps happening and threatening the wildlife and local people. A logging company, PT. Toras Banua Sukses has received a renewal permit to operate in Kapuas forest which threats the habitats and survival of some endangered wildlife including: Orang utans, proboscis monkeys, and sun bears, and also causes disputes to the local tribal people who depend their livelihood on the forest.

Press Release: ProFauna and an International Organization Against the Javan Gibbon Export

(08/06/2010) The rejection was demonstrated in ProFauna's public campaign held in Sukabumi, West Java., 6th August 2010 coincided the workshop held by the Forestry Department and Howletts the Aspinall Animal Park. ProFauna staged the demonstration because the agenda of the workshop contained a discussion of Javan Gibbon export.

ProFauna's Enforcement Assistances on The Case of Javan Langur Poaching for Meatballs

ProFauna's enforcement training to the East Java Police Department held on 15 February 2010 has brought good results as expected by both the organization and officials of the Department. One of the training main objectives was to give more information to the Department about wildlife crimes and punishments.

ProFauna's Continued Education For Forest And Wildlife Conservation

ProFauna Indonesia as a wildlife and forest protection organization in Indonesia, established since 1994, has four main activities including campaign, education, survey on wildlife trade and forest protection, and animal rescue. As for education, ProFauna has been conducting school visits, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, and other community outreaches to raise public awareness on wildlife and forest protection.

ProFauna's Recommendation on Earth Day Celebration: Time to Change, for Our Forests and Lives

Environmentalists and activists celebrate the Earth Day every 22 April, which was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970. In many countries, people commemorate the Day in many ways: holding seminars, street campaigns, exhibitions, music concerts, etc. It will be ironic, if we remember and concern about the planet we live on only on the Earth Day.

Press Release: ProFauna Opposes Government’s Initiative to Reclassify Palm Oil Plantations as Forests

(04/07/2010) The Indonesian Forestry Ministry's proposal to define palm oil plantations as forests is a controversy showing government's two faces in the natural resources conservation efforts.


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