ProFauna's Community Outreach: Village Wildlife And Environment Regulation

The education field project of ProFauna, a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, P-WEC (Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center) which is located in the foothills of Kawi mountain in East Java has been working together very well with the villagers living surrounding the center since its establishment - starting from recruiting employees and staff members from the villagers whose majority are illiterate and working as farmers, providing voluntary education or teaching to the remote schools in the villages, inviting the people to attend free seminars in the center, to providing many assistances in running some community development programs like reforestation, mobile library, mobile movie screening, holding regional traditional village festival, etc.

Melanie Subono Invites The Public to Protect Wild Animals

The wild animals in Indonesia being threatened by extinction has touched Melanie Subono, a well-known Indonesian musician and celebrity, to campaign on the protection of wild animals in Indonesia with ProFauna Indonesia. Together with the organization, the rock singer staged a peaceful demonstration in front of a shopping center in Malang, East Java, Indonesia, on 3 May 2009.

ProFauna's Earth Day Celebration: Down to Earth with Traditionalists

Celebrating the Earth Day on 22nd April 2009, ProFauna, a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, held a seminar called "Javanese Myths on Wildlife Conservation". The seminar which was held on 26th April 2009 in ProFauna'e education center, was attended by more than one hundred participants coming from different backgrounds, ranging from Javanese traditionalist groups, high school students and teachers, university students, humanist organizations, and many more.

ProFauna’s Parrot Campaign Progress: Engaging Local and Religious Leaders

(ProFauna Indonesia, 31st March 2009) In their latest report, "PIRATED PARROTS" , launched in May 2008, the Indonesian wildlife protection NGO ProFauna Indonesia, revealed the evidence on the smuggling of wild caught parrots in Sulawesi and North Halmahera in Indonesia to Philippines during their investigation. About 10,000 parrots including white Cockatoo (Cacatua alba), chattering Lory (Lorius garrulus), Eclectus Roratus (Eclectus roratus), and violet-necked Lory (Eos squamata) were smuggled to supply both domestic and international markets.

Jakarta Raid Reveals Wildlife Crime Syndicates

(ProFauna Indonesia, 27th February 2009) The confiscation of the body parts of Sumatran tigers, leopards, bears, and Sumatran elephants from Jatinegara market, Jakarta, Indonesia (Thursday, 12 February 2009) led to another wildlife dealer in the capital city of the country, AZ. ProFauna, as a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, joined the Jakarta Wildlife Alliance (Forum Satwa Liar Jakarta) consisting of other wildlife organizations: LASA (the Wildlife Advocacy Institute) which is also ProFauna's member society, Wildlife Conservation Society, Jakarta Animal Aid Network, and International Animal Rescue; to urge and facilitate the authorities to conduct the operation.

Raid of Tiger Skins Illicit Trade in Jakarta

(Jakarta, 12 February 2009), In a joint raid by the Police, Elang (Indonesian word for Eagle) Brigade of the Government's Quick Response Unit, locally known as SPORC, supported by NGOs: ProFauna; WCS, JAAN, IAR, and LASA, led the arrest of four traders of tiger skins and body parts in Rawabening market, Jakarta. The team also recovered 61 pieces of tiger skins, a tiger skull, a stuffed leopard, a piece of leopard head skin, five pieces of bear skins, and some other body parts of protected animals.


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