Bird Watching in "Curah Sawo" Mangrove Coast, Probolinggo, East Java

Sunday morning, February 20th, 2011, local volunteers of ProFauna Indonesia from all over East Java Province like Kediri, Pandaan, Probolinggo, and Malang cities and also a foreign volunteer from United Kingdom gathered in Curah Sawo mangrove coast, Probolinggo City (100 km from Surabaya) to bird watch.

ProFauna and Rangers Patrol the Tropical Rain Forest in East Java

ProFauna Indonesia is very serious and actively assists the government for forest protection from illegal logging and wildlife poaching as the organisation conducts joint patrol with the rangers of R Soerjo grand forest park, one of the remaining tropical rain forests in East Java. In the forest patrol held in February 2011, ProFauna not only provided financial support but also joined the patrol on the field.

All Out Education of Wildlife Conservation

Among its main activities like survey of the wildlife trade, animal rescue, campaign, advocacy, and law enforcement of wildlife and forest protection; ProFauna's education programme has been designed to raise awareness of the public: from kindergarten children to law enforcement officers; from those who live in big cities or rural areas by the forests to rangers in the forests themselves.

Collaboration for Conservation: Against the Illegal Trade of Sea Turtle Eggs in Kalimantan

ProFauna Indonesia has been successfully working for the protection of sea turtles in Bali Island for more than 10 years and proven to be successful. Between the 1970's and 1990's, Bali had been notorious as the hub of sea turtle smuggling with 27,000 sea turtles were slaughtered per year. Thanks to ProFauna's continued campaign works against the trade and hands on project on some beaches in Bali from saving the nesting sea turtles, relocate the eggs, to releasing the babies to the sea; the trade has fallen more than 80% and Bali has now been haven for sea turtles to lay their eggs.

Disaster (Response) Brings All Together For Animals

As an organisation working for the protection of wildlife and forest in Indonesia, one of ProFauna's main activities is animal rescue, including animal evacuation during disaster. ProFauna has evacuated thousands animals and wildlife to help animal victims in Tsunami Aceh in 2005, North Sumatra in 2005, Merapi eruption in 2006, and the recently devastating eruption of Merapi Volcano in 2010.

Press Release: Javan Langurs Founded in Cangar National Park

(11/26/2010) Cangar forest, situated in the Grand Forest Park (national park) areas of R Soerjo (locally known as Tahura R Soerjo), has become the main habitat for the endangered silver leaf-monkey or the Javan langur (Trachypithecus auratus). Latest research conducted by ProFauna Indonesia between July and November 2010 shows that in the forest, there are about 80 langurs consisting of 11 family groups. Javan langur is a protected species under Indonesian wildlife law.


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