Press Release: SLANK Campaigns for Parrot Protection in North Maluku

(03/27/2010) The decreasing population of North Moluccan parrots which threats the birds with extinction has moved a famous Indonesian music group band that has more than four millions fans all over Indonesia, SLANK, to campaign for parrot protection together with ProFauna Indonesia, a wildlife protection organization.

Press Release: Forests in Java are Threatened, ProFauna Calls For Forest Protection Movement

(02/25/2010) The decreasing forests in Java Island threats the lives of humans and wildlife, especially those endemic to the Island. The recently increasing natural and man-made disasters indicate that forests have degraded.

More on ProFauna's Enforcement Efforts to Tackle the Illegal Wildlife Trade

Last year, 22 August 2009, a tiger in Rimbo Jambi Zoo, Sumatera, Indonesia, was stolen and brutally killed, leaving its intestines and ribs in her cage. ProFauna, as a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia has been fighting against such wildlife cruelty and crime in the country.

ProFauna's Support for Wildlife Law Enforcement in Indonesia

According to ProFauna's review in 2009 about wildlife trade in Indonesia (Wildlife Illegal Trade and Smuggling in Indonesia Remains High) showing that the illegal trade in the country remained high, the release also mentioned, however, that the Indonesian Police have managed to run 27 operations of 53 wildlife crimes.

Press Release: ProFauna Demands Government’s Practical and Political Efforts to Save Forests in Java

(01/06/2010) Forests in Java Island, Indonesia, degrade which threat human and other living things on the Island, especially wildlife endemic to Java. Based on the deforestation pace published by the Forestry Department for 2003-2006 period, the largest deforestation happened in Sumatera which was 268,000 hectares/year or 22,8% of the total deforestation in Indonesia which was 1.17 millions hectares/year. The next places were in Kalimantan for 239,000 hectares/year (20.4%), Sulawesi for 114,700 hectares/year (9.8 %), and Java for 2,500 hectares/year (0.2%).

Proud of ProFauna Campaign

On 23 December 2009, ProFauna Indonesia will have its 15th anniversary. For 15 years ProFauna has been struggling and working on wildlife protection campaign in Indonesia. Ever since, ProFauna has been growing and developing its work.Proud of ProFauna Campaign


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