Wildlife Law Enforcement in East Java

One of the many challenges to tackle the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia is that wildlife crimes are not taken seriously by authorities. This statement is proven to be wrong by the East Java Police Department.

Press Release: Wildlife Trade in Bird Markets in Java is Still High

(10/22/2009) The illegal wildlife trade in bird markets in Java Island, Indonesia, is still high. From the latest survey conducted by ProFauna Indonesia with support by the World Animal Net (WAN) in 70 bird markets in the most developed and dense island in the country from May to July 2009. ProFauna recorded that there were 183 animals of 25 species traded openly in the markets.

Melanie Released a "Primate" in Bandung

A female rock star who is also ProFauna's volunteer, Melanie Subono, released a "primate" from a caged in a crowd centre in Bandung City, West Java (16 October 2009). The "primate" being released was actually a ProFauna's member in a primate costume. The theatrical act was held during ProFauna's campaign inviting the public to support the cause.

Press Release: Marapu Band Campaigns For Wildlife Protection

(10/15/2009) ProFauna's wildlife protection campaign in Indonesia has gained more support. The Indonesian celebs like SLANK, a group band that has more than three millions fans in Indonesia, and Melanie Subono, a female rock star, have joined ProFauna and supported its campaigns. There is a new celeb supporter that comes from Yogyakarta, Central Java, supporter is a reggae band named MARAPU.

Press Release: Government of Bali and ProFauna Indonesia Arrested International Wildlife Syndicate

(10/03/2009) The Natural Resources Conservation Center of the Forestry Department in Bali (BKSDA Bali), with the help of ProFauna Indonesia -a wildlife protection organization, succeeded in the apprehension of a wildlife syndicate involving two Japanese smugglers (October 2nd, 2009). After receiving the information from ProFauna Indonesia, BKSDA Bali held an operation and managed to seize 16 rare species and arrest two Japanese men named Naoki Kammatsu and Tonotobu Yamamoto.

Giant Sea Turtle in Kuta Beach, Bali

Kuta Beach in Bali is one of the beautiful beaches in Indonesia that becomes tourism destination. Since 1999, Kuta Beach has also been known as one of the sites for the endangered species, sea turtles to nest and lay their eggs. As ProFauna Indonesia, a wildlife protection organization, working together with Kuta Beach Security Guards, locally known as Satgas Pantai Kuta, have run the Sea Turtles Protection Programs to save the nesting sea turtles to lay their eggs, relocate the clutches to the hatchery, until release the sea turtle babies to the sea.


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