Press Release: International Concern over Alleged Illegal Zoo Trade in Indonesia

(09/11/2009) International wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation has joined ProFauna Indonesia in calling for a full investigation into allegations of illegal trading of wildlife products by several prominent zoos in the country. The case of the confiscation operation on the protected animal parts in Jagakarsa, Jakarta (7 August 2009) has been developed by the authorities.

Tiger Safety in Zoos is Questionable

In August 2009, ProFauna Indonesia, a wildlife protection organization in Indonesia, released two media alerts urging the government to take more action on the elephant and tiger trade as revealed in ProFauna's investigation report (13 August 2009) and to fully enforce the law on the skinned and stolen tiger in Jambi Zoo (22nd August 2009).

Developing the Education of Wildlife Protection and Nature Conservation With Educators

Education is one of ProFauna main activities to disseminate its wildlife protection campaign to the public in Indonesia. ProFauna has run its education center called Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) since 2003 and carried out the education activities concerning the protection of wildlife and nature conservation through learning and fun. Students at the center are ranging from kindergarten, university, to other communities or institutions.

Press Release: ProFauna and Melanie Subono Campaign For Sea Turtles Protection

(07/16/2009) Indonesian rock singer, Melanie Subono, together with ProFauna Indonesia invites the public to save sea turtles. In their public campaign on Kuta Beach, Bali, the singer and the organization members stretch a 100-meter banner saying "Only 1 from 1,000 Will Survive" and hand out free stickers of sea turtles conservation to the Kuta beach visitors.

Indonesian Police and ProFauna's Another Revelation of the Illegal Parrot Trade

The East Java Police Department has been successful in revealing the parrot syndicate in Surabaya, East Java Indonesia. Surabaya is notorious as the hub of the illegal parrot trade in Indonesia. After receiving ProFauna's information, the police helped by the organization investigated the syndicate and decided to raid a warehouse of the mafia.

Press Release: ProFauna Demands the Government Close Down The Palm Oil Transportation Company’s Shortcut to Block Wildlife Hunting Access in Seblat Elephant Conservation Center

(06/24/2009) The establishment of the shortcut by PT. Alno Agro Utama, a palm oil transportation company, has created an access for wildlife smugglers to commit their crimes in Seblat Elephant Conservation Center (PKG). Based on ProFauna's records from 2004 and 2007, there have been at least seven elephants killed. On 17 July 2007, a male elephant named Pratama killed severely, his head crashed and the ivory tusks gone. Until now, the perpetrator has not been revealed.


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