Press Release: ProFauna and an International Organization Against the Javan Gibbon Export

ProFauna and an International Organization Against the Javan Gibbon Export(08/06/2010) ProFauna Indonesia and the International Primate Protection League (IPPL) are against the government's plan to export the Javan Gibbon (Hylobates moloch). The rejection was demonstrated in ProFauna's public campaign held in Sukabumi, West Java., 6th August 2010 coincided the workshop held by the Forestry Department and Howletts the Aspinall Animal Park. ProFauna staged the demonstration because the agenda of the workshop contained a discussion of Javan Gibbon export.

Javan gibbon is protected by the Indonesian wildlife act and listed in Appendix I of CITES (Convention of international in Trade of Endangered Species). The population has been decreasing due to deforestation in Java Island and poaching for trade. In fact, the Javan gibbon distribution covers only in the forests of West and Central Java. Javan gibbon's natural habitats include the following locations: Halimun Mt., Gede Pangrango Mt., Slamet Mt., Dieng Mt., Ciremai Mt., Tangkuban Perahu Mt, and Ujung Kulon region. The exact figure of Javan gibbon population is still unknown.

Javan gibbon is an endangered species as the natural resource of the Indonesia heritage. Thus, ProFauna believes that the conservation efforts of Javan gibbon should be performed in Indonesia as the natural habitat of the primate. ProFauna and IPPL are against the government plan to export Javan gibbon overseas. If there is an institution or zoo that concern of Javan gibbon conservation, they should support the Javan gibbon conservation that takes place inside the country instead of exporting Javan gibbon overseas.

In addition, the Government Regulation number 8 year 1999 concerning the Use of Plant and Wildlife, states that the export or exchange of certain plant or wildlife, including the Javan gibbon, must have the permit from the President of Indonesia based on balanced conservation values.

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