Press Release: Foiled, Smuggling of Six Eclectus Parrots From North Maluku

(01/23/2009) The Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA) of North Maluku forestry department succeeded in foiling the trafficking attempt of six Eclectus parrots (Eclectus roratus) in Goto sea port, Tidore, North Maluku (01/22/2009). The protected birds were poached from the wild in Halmahera Island and about to be smuggled outside the island.

The confiscated birds are now going through medical examination. If their condition is good, ProFauna will assist the birds release back to the wild.

In May 2008, ProFauna, the Indonesian wildlife protection NGO in collaboration with RSPCA, launched a report entitled Pirated Parrots revealing the fact that about 10,000 parrots were caught from the wild in North Maluku each year to supply the domestic and international (Philippines) illegal wildlife trade.

Following the report launch, ProFauna, working together with a local organization in North Maluku, Yayasan KAMU, has actively campaigned against parrot illegal trade. ProFauna's campaign has brought positive respond by the government as the law has been fully enforced. As a result, in the last three months ProFauna recorded that KSDA of North Maluku had conducted two confiscation operations on parrots illegally traded in Maluku.

ProFauna believes that the effective way to tackle parrot illegal trade is by law enforcement, not to mention by public campaign and education to raise people's awareness.

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