Press Release: ProFauna Demands Indonesian Political Partie's Caring For Forest and Wild Animals Protection

Does Any Political Party Care?(02/04/2009) In April 2009, Indonesia will run its General Election for legislative seats which is participated by 44 political parties. Among the great numbers of the parties, ProFauna considers that no party commits to forest and wild animal protection in its program. In fact, forest and wild animals degradation worsens day by day.

According to the Forestry Department's data in 2003, 43 millions hectares of 120.35 millions hectares forests lost. FAO's record in 2006 showed that Indonesian forests decimated 1.87 millions hectares per year. It is estimated that the remaining forests are 88 millions hectares. It is not surprising that in 2007, Indonesia was 'awarded' by Guinnes World of Records as the fastest country to destroy its forests.

Indonesia's deforestation goes along together with wild animals decimation due to habitats loss and poaching for trade. IUCN Red List in 2008 showed that 1,087 species consisting of 183 mammals, 115 birds, 27 reptiles, 33 amphibians, and 111 fish were listed as threatened.

Even though deforestation and wild animal threats are obvious, there is no political party campaigning for its vision, mission, or pograms to save forests and wild animals in Indonesia. Rosek Nursahid, ProFauna Indonesia Chairman, stated, "Forests and wild animals protection should be taken care of seriously by any stakeholder including political parties. Deforestation and wild animals extinction are the country's disasters in ecology and economy".

Moreover, political partie's campaign races are vulnarable to animal cruelties where campaigners bring endangered animals like orangutan, eagle, langur, Cockatoo, etc, in parades. Bringing animals on vehicles during parades will cause them suffer and get stressed. In 2004 General Election, ProFauna recorded that there were 50 cases of animal cruelties during campaign races.

Besides causing suffering, bringing endangered animals in campaigning parade is a crime. It violates the 1990 wildlife act concerning the Natural Resources and Ecosystems Conservation. It is mentioned that anyone is prohibited to keep, take as pet, and transport protected animals. Therefore, perpetrators are liable to 5 years prison term and 100 millions IDR (10,000 USD).

The susceptibility of animal cruelties during campaigning parade and extinction threats due to deforestation urge ProFauna to call for concerns from political parties to save forest and wild animals. The organization is staging a demonstration on 4 February 2009. The protesters are wearing wild animal costumes and masks while carrying a banner with "Adakah Partai Politik Yang Peduli?" ("Does Any Political Party Care?") printed on it.

ProFauna will ask its members all over Indonesia to keep an eye during General Election campaigns. They will record any cruelty and ihumane treatment during political campaign races.

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  • Swasti Prawidya Mukti

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