Primate Campaign


PROFAUNA Indonesia on 22 June 2015 received lots of reports from the public, concerning some gruesome pictures of primate slaughter posted on Facebook

Activists Speak for Javan Langurs in Sidoarjo, east Java

PROFAUNA staged a campaign to promote the protection of the Javan Langur last Sunday at Sidoarjo, east Java

Indonesia Celebrates Primate Day 2015 at 50 Scenes!

the Indonesia Primate Day is celebrated in more than 50 places in different cities. This is a good progress compared to las year's

PROFAUNA West Java Spurred Children’s Creativity through Primate Education

24 children were eagerly talking and cheering about primates when PROFAUNA West Java representatives visited the center

PROFAUNA Promotes Primate Protection at Global Jaya School, Jakarta

Activists of Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia visited Global Jaya School, Jakarta to have an educational session on primate protection 


Indonesian Primate Day 2015

Indonesia Primate Day ig going to be celebrated again this year on 30 January, en bloc all over the country. This year's theme is "Don't Buy Primates"


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