Primate Campaign

PROFAUNA Evacuates Loose Monkey from Neighborhood in Malang

PROFAUNA Indonesia evacuated a young Long-tailed Macaque who was wandering loosely around the neighborhood 

Indonesian Primate Day 2016

The Indonesian Primate Day will be celebrated again this year, with its peak on 30 January 2016. This year's theme is"Stop Primate Poaching".

PROFAUNA Reports Javan Langur Killing in Lumajang

PROFAUNA received public reports regarding a case of Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus) killing in Pronojiwo, Lumajang, east Java. Horrible photos were posted on Facebook by an account named Addi Gokhil.

Educational Games and Movie for Village Children around Yang Wildlife Reserve

Ten activists of PROFAUNA mingled with the children and had some fun with them, who live in the closest village to Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve.

Orangutan Burner Arrested!

the suspected killer and burner of a primate assumed to be an orangutan finally got arrested by the Police

Orangutan Killer Found!

The case of primate slaughter, assumed to be an orangutan, whose photos were uploaded on Facebook by user named Polo Panitia Hari Kiamat is getting closer to closure.


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