Ride for Orangutan

Ride for Orangutan

Ride for Orangutan

Ride for Orangutan (RFO) campaign was carried out by ProFauna Indonesia's activists, who toured across Sumatra on dirtbikes. The team departed from Jakarta on 20 April 2013, and finished in Aceh, the northernmost part of Sumatra on 13 May 2013.

Ride for Orangutan Campaign Successfully Embraced Public Participation

Ride for Orangutan (RFO) campaign conducted by ProFauna Indonesia in April-May 2013 had successfully accomplished. The campaign tour across Sumatra on dirtbikes from Jakarta to Aceh got covered by numerous mass media, but the real hit is the active participation from the people supporting this campaign. Our supporters give their partaking in forms of donation, education, and direct involvement in the campaign.

Southeast Aceh’s Police Chief Officer Greet Ride for Orangutan Team

Southeast Aceh's Police Chief Officer greet Ride for Orangutan (RFO) team on their way back from Ketambe, Leuser National Park, Disctrict of Souteast Aceh (11/5/2013).

Save Forests in Sumatra

ProFauna's activists held a campaign in Medan calling for the protection of forests in USmatra, home to thousands of orangutans, Read more...

Press Release: ProFauna Indonesia Calls for a Halt to The Destruction of Orangutan Habitatsin North Sumatra and Aceh

Medan, Indonesia (7/5/2013). ProFauna Indonesia, a foremost wildlife protection NGO in Indonesia, calls for a halt to orangutan habitat destruction in North Sumatra and Aceh.

ProFauna Goes to SMK Yayasan Soposurung, Toba Samosir

ProFauna's Ride for Orangutan (RFO) team visited SMK Yayasan Soposurung, Kabupaten Toba Samosir (Tobasa), North Sumatra to introduce orangutan conservation to the students (3/5/2013).


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