Slaughtered by Hunters, a Javanese Langur’s Head and Hands Hanging on a Tree

A Javan langur (Trachypithecus auratus) was found dead on the edge of the hiking trail to Cemorokandang Hill, Princi Sub-village, Gadingkulon Village, Dau District, Malang Regency, East Java in Indonesia.

The primate was allegedly slaughtered by hunters on Monday (10/8). In the encounter, the poor primate remained bodyparts where its head was stuck on a tree branch and its hands were hanging nearby.

perburuan lutung jawa di Cemorokandang

"Last night (Monday, 10/8) we received a report from the locals with photo evidence," said PROFAUNA Indonesia Chairman, Rosek Nursahid during a press conference at the Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC), Tuesday (11/8).

However, when the PROFAUNA Indonesia Team together with the East Java Center for Natural Resources Conservation (locally abbreviated as KSDA) and the Malang Forestry Department (locally known as Perhutani KPH Malang) headed to the location, only the hands were found, while the head was already missing.

Considering the horrific finding of the recently cut hands of the estimated adult Javan langur, the team suspected that the primate was killed three days before. This shows that hunting still continues in the area.

perburuan lutung jawa

Head of the Oro-Oro Ombo Forest Agency, Batu City, Hadi Mustofa, said that the location of this case was on plot 212 with covering of 1,116.6 square meters and this forest is legally protected.

"We condemned this hunt and really appreciated PROFAUNA for the action," said Mustofa.

The team also suspected that the langur was hunted by being shot with a rifle. "Because langurs are known to be arboreal animals, animals whose activities are mostly in trees," Mustofa added.

Rosek Nursahid emphasized that this hunting was considered by PROFAUNA Indonesia to taint the National Nature Conservation Day which was celebrated last Monday (10/8).

PROFAUNA suspected that the hunting of the endemic wildlife to Java, Bali and some parts of Lombok Islands was for bushmeat.

According to the myth believed by the locals, eating langur meat is aphrodisiac and considered as side dish to drink alcohol with.

PROFAUNA Indonesia is determined to assist the authorities to enforce the law to the full extent.

In addition, to deter such hunting, PROFAUNA Indonesia Ranger team has been regularly monitoring the forest to clean up the animal traps. As a result, they found a coiled wire attached to a long stick of wood. These snares installed on the ground can trap wildlife, like jungle fowls or even leopards.

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