Primate Campaign

Orangutan Protection Education for Puan Cepak People

The high possibility of conflict between the orangutan and palm oil companies, which involves the village people who works for the companies, has urged ProFauna Indonesia to conduct a series of educational programs and trainings on conflict mitigation related to the conflic

ProFauna Announces “Ride for Borneo 2014”

ProFauna Indonesia announces a new program called "Ride for Borneo 2014". This campaign conducted by ProFauna and the International Primate Protection League (IPPL)

ProFauna Brings a Charge against Man Flaunting Illegal Primate Hunting Photos on Facebook

ProFauna Indonesia brings charges against the owner of a Facebook account named Ozzy Syahputra Muhammad Akbar to the West Java Police for illegally hunting the Javan Leaf-monkey and the leopard Cat.

Activists in Aceh: Stop Primate Trade!

Celebrating the Indonesian Primate Day on 30 January 2014, anti-wildlife trade activists of ProFauna and the student association of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Syiah Kuala University staged a campaign to protest the raging primate trade,

Bottlesmoker, Bandung’s Indie Band Supports ProFauna!

The celebration of Indonesian Primate Day in Bandung was made even more extraordinary with the presence of Angkuy (Anggung Suherman) and Nobie (Ryan Adzani), two electro musicians from Bottlesmoker, an indie band from Bandung

ProFauna West Java Celebrates Indonesian Primate Day

ProFauna West Java, a community who is concerned about the environment and wildlife, celebrated the Indonesian Primate Day on 30 January 2014 by having a public campaign to express their care for primates.


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