Wildlife and Forest Crime

Rangers Rescued 10 Parrots in Ternate

Rangers from the Nature Conservation Agency Area I, North Maluku, rescued 10 lories and cockatoos in Ternate, North Maluku, in a raid held on 20-23 August 2014. 

Illegal Wildlife Dealer to Spend 16 Months in Jail

Sentenced guilty by the judges of Medan district court for illegally trading protected wildlife species, Dede Setiawan, currently resides in Jalan Selamat, Medan, is going to spend 16 months in jail.

PROFAUNA’s Note on Indonesian Wildlife Crime, First Half of 2014

Illegal wildlife trade rate in Indonesia is still high, as can be referred from the wildlife crime record between January-June 2014.

On Facebook: Sunbear Got Decorticated and Eaten in Berau, East Borneo

PROFAUNA found a Facebook account named Ricky Werang who uploaded a photo album entitled "Berburu Beruang" ("Bear Hunting") on Thursday (5/6/2014), which ironically is also World's Environment Day.

Nature Conservation Agency of Ternate Seized Lorries from Dealer

Nature Conservation Agency (NCA) of Ternate, North Maluku, seized two Chattering Lorries (Lorius garrulus) from a dealer in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Ternate, Maluku

Illegal Wildlife Dealer Arrested by the Police of Jember

Team from the Natural Resource Conservation Agency  and the police of Jember, with some assistance from ProFauna's Ranger seized an illegal wildlife dealer in Jember


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