Nature Conservation Agency of Ternate Seized Lorries from Dealer

kasturi ternateNature Conservation Agency (NCA) of Ternate, North Maluku, seized two Chattering Lorries (Lorius garrulus) from a dealer in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Ternate, Maluku (16 May 2014). The seizure began from a report given by Ekawati Ka'aba, PROFAUNA Ternate Chapter's coordinator, which was then responded positively by the NCA. Currently, the birds are receiving treatments from the NCA before they could be released back to their habitat.

According to PROFAUNA's investigation, the lorries which worth IDR 650.000 for each, were captured from Bacan island. Parrots and lorries smuggling from many different islands in North Maluku are still rampant. Ekawati Ka'aba declared, "More powerful law enforcement is needed to stop people from poaching and smuggling the endemic bird species from North Maluku. If these illicit practices keep happening, the birds will be extinct soon."

Ekawati also highlights the increasing number of public officials in North Maluku who fancies the hobby of collecting parrots. "There is a growing trend of public officials who keeps parrots as pets at their houses; even one person is likely to have more than eight birds! This is not right, for they should be giving good example for their people and supporting conservation efforts.

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