Wildlife and Forest Crime

16 Eagles Seized from Online Dealer in Surabaya

Police of East Java arrested a wildlife dealer and confiscated 16 eagles from various species.

Wildlife Dealer to Spend 13 Months in Jail

Three men found guilty of selling protected wildlife species, Darmaji, Bambang Satriyo Ariyadi, and Suharyadi will have to miss the Idul Fitri away from home. 

Wanted: Tiger Killer on Facebook

the netizens are again bewildered by a killing of a Sumatran Tiger. Again, the case became widespread after the photos were uploaded and shared by lots of Facebook users.

Orangutan Burner Arrested!

the suspected killer and burner of a primate assumed to be an orangutan finally got arrested by the Police

Orangutan Killer Found!

The case of primate slaughter, assumed to be an orangutan, whose photos were uploaded on Facebook by user named Polo Panitia Hari Kiamat is getting closer to closure.


PROFAUNA Indonesia on 22 June 2015 received lots of reports from the public, concerning some gruesome pictures of primate slaughter posted on Facebook


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