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Going Up Against Turtle Eggs Poaching, the Chief Patrols Around Derawan

The rampant practice of sea turtle eggs poaching has concerned the Chief of Berau Police Department, Anggie Yulianto Putro, and brought him to conduct a patrol around the island for several days along with some journalists.

Sea Turtle Slaughter Still Going Strong in Derawan

Aside from sea turtle eggs poaching, slaughter of Green Turtle for its meat still takes place is Derawan Island

Ocean Ambassadors, Young People Caring for the Marine Ecosystem of Berau

The Ocean Ambassadors of Berau is a group of young people who are committed to take care of the marine ecosystem in Berau

Sea Turtle Conservation Education in Berau, Shocking: Sea Turtle Eggs can Incite Gout!

PROFAUNA continue visiting schools in Borneo to have educational programs on sea turtle conservation. This program is considered essential, to provide information

Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries Confiscated Hundreds of Sea Turtle Shell-based Souvenirs in Berau

Rampant trade of souvenirs made from Hawksbill Sea Turtle's shell in Berau, East Borneo, has gained serious attention from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries 

The Revival of Sea Turtle Shell-based Souvenirs in Berau

The rising number of the trade of sea turtle body parts in Berau encourages PROFAUNA to work hard on educating the young people so that they would not buy sea turtle products. 


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