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PROFAUNA Appreciates the Confiscation of 4,600 Sea Turtle Eggs

PROFAUNA declared their appreciation for Tanjung Redeb Police Department's success in forestalling a smuggling attempt of 4,600 sea turtle eggs.

No More Turtle-based Accessories in Hotel Plaza, but Sea Turtle Trade is Reverting in Derawan

sea turtle exploitation is still rampant in Berau, particularly cultivation of Hawksbill Turtle's shell for accessories like bracelets, rings, and pendants

Turtle Foundation Grants Speedboat for Sea Patrol

The alarming poaching rate of sea turtle eggs in several islands within conservation areas is getting serious attention from many parties, since these islands are used as nesting sites by the Green Turtle

Rangers Waived Holidays to Safeguard Sea Turtle Habitat in Berau

When most muslim in Indonesia were spending their Eid holiday (Islamic holiday) gathering and vacationing with their families, apparently a group of men preferred to not do so

PROFAUNA: Fish-bombing Still Persist in Berau

The fish-bombing activities are bothering the local fishermen, as their catch is decreasing fast.  Not only it destroys the ecosystem, fish-bombing also harms 

Promoting Sea Turtle Protection in Kalimarau Airport, Berau, East Borneo

A team from the Ministry of Marine Affairs & Fisheries and PROFAUNA Borneo promoted sea turtle protection in shops located in Kalimarau Airport, Berau, East Borneo


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