Going Up Against Turtle Eggs Poaching, the Chief Patrols Around Derawan

DERAWAN ISLAND - The rampant practice of sea turtle eggs poaching has concerned the Chief of Berau Police Department, Anggie Yulianto Putro, and brought him to conduct a patrol around the island for several days along with some journalists.

The case of eggs poaching by slaughtering the sea turtle which surfaced a few days ago bothered him, and he finally decided to take on this case seriously. To curb the poaching rate, the Chief lead the field inspection directly where he went to a number of sea turtle nesting sites in Derawan Island.

The coordinator of PROFAUNA Borneo, Bayu Sandi, also took part in the inspection. As this media covered, the Chief and his team performed a sweeping along the shore of "A-area" of Derawan Island where sea turtles frequently nest.

Two nests were found, but only one has the eggs remained. Anggie spoke to the media that he and his team went to examine the recent condition of sea turtle nests in Derawan, and that they figured one of the two nests had been emptied.

Regarding the information, the team immediately checked to the house of the Head of Nature Conservation Agency to make sure that the eggs they took were in good condition.

"This is an anticipatory act to protect the eggs, so we went to see the Head of Nature Conservation Agency and ensuring the eggs' condition," said him.

He added that it takes participation from multiple agencies to prevent eggs poaching, and to educate the community about sea turtle conservation.

"We trust the concerning agencies to work on the prevention and education. The police force is ready to support and enforce the law, should eggs poaching case occur again," claimed Anggie.

 He then declared that Berau PD is ready to assign some personnel to guard the area during sea turtle nesting season.

"We will look up the info of sea turtle's nesting period, and arrange our personnel to safeguard the location," Anggie told the media.

On a different occasion, the Head of Berau Nature Conservation Agency, Ading, confirmed that the agency received 91 eggs from the rangers and have recorded all related information.(*/ded/asa)

Source: http://berau.prokal.co/, Photo: PROFAUNA

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