What Can You Do? to Help Sea Turtle Conservation in Indonesia

Stop Sea Turtle Trade

You can help sea turtle conservation in Indonesia by the following:

  • Do not visit the tourism places exploiting sea turtle like the Turtle Island (Pulau Penyu) in Tanjung Benoa, Bali
  • Do not buy souvenirs made from sea turtle body parts.
  • Send letter or email urging the government to enforce the law on the illegal sea turtle trade
  • Report! If you find a case of the illegal sea turtle trade, report to ProFauna Indonesia at profauna@profauna.net. You could also show your care by sending protest letter to media and share the information through online social network like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Be a Supporter of ProFauna Indonesia! If you care for sea turtles and their habitats, join ProFauna Indonesia by becoming a Supporter of ProFauna Indonesia. Thousands people have become Supporters of ProFauna Indonesia. For more information about Supporter of ProFauna

For more information please contact profauna@profauna.net

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