PROFAUNA’s Activist Rescued Traded Parrots in North Maluku

Small steps to curb illegal trade of parrots in North Maluku are relentlessly taken by PROFAUNA North Maluku, including education and monitoring carried out on Friday (20/5/2016).

PROFAUNA's activist from North Maluku, Diman Abaela, along with Sri Haryati Hatari, Head of Agriculture and Forestry Council, rescued five Lorikeets from a dealer in Ternate. The dealer came from Obi, South Halmahera. Through a persuasive approach, Diman Abaela and Sri Haryati Hatari managed to convince the dealer to hand over the birds he was going to sell.

The birds had been submitted to local Nature Conservation Agency of Ternate (Bacan Obi Arga Resort), on the following Sunday (22/5/2016). "We would like to thank all of PROFAUNA's activists in North Maluku who have been very proactive in conducting education to communities to curb illegal trade of parrots," said Ekawaty Ka'aba, the coordinator of PROFAUNA North Maluku.

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