Officials Rescued Dozens of Parrots from Online Dealer in Ternate

Ternate Nature Conservation Agency rescued at least 20 parrots on Wednesday (21/6/2017) afternoon from the house of Riswanto H. Saleh (27) at BTN Housing, Maliaro, Ternate Tengah, Ternate City, North Maluku.

burung nuri bayan yang dijual online di facebook The rescue was a follow up to the tip given by local people to the Coordinator of PROFAUNA North Maluku, Ekawaty Ka'aba, about a Facebook user named Dewa Saputra who offered Eclectus Parrots (Eclectus roratus) for IDR 500,000. The report was then forwarded to Lilian Komaling, S.Hut, Head of Ternate Nature Conservation Agency. She immediately instructed Rahmad, one of her staffs, to confirm the report.

Upon the official's arrival at the scene, Riswanto was not present so the team had to wait. When he returned home, officials questioned him about the reported parrots. Turned out that Riswanto did not sell only Eclectus Parrots, but also other kinds of birds.

"In addition to the Eclectus Parrots, we also found 6 Violet-necked Lories and 20 Moluccan Hanging-parrots," said Rahmad.

The birds were going to be sold for various price. Eclectus Parrots worth IDR 500,000, Violet-necked Parrots worth IDR 200,000, while Moluccan Hanging-parrots are sold for IDR 150,000.

"We suspected that these birds were captured from Wayamli Village, Maba Tengah, East Halmahera. He has been dealing birds on the internet including OLX and Facebook," explained Ekawaty.

Currently the parrots are being quarantined in transit cages at the Nature Conservation Agency's office. They will be examined before they can be released back to their natural habitat. (AFZ)

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