Bird Campaign

Thousands of Raptors Migrate through the Skies of Batu and Malang

Thousands of raptors (birds of prey), from the northern hemisphere pass the skies of Indonesia for wintering.

Video of Smuggled Parrot Stuffed into Bottles

Parrot trade is full of cruelty. One of the otrocities imposed on tradedparrots is that they are stuffed into plastic bottles when they are smuggled to Java

Ban Wildlife Transport by Ship!

PROFAUNA urges the government to issue a regulation prohibiting wildlife transport by ships, without official permit from related authorities.

Police Rescued Smuggled Parrots Stuffed into Plastic Bottles

Police of Tanjung Perak Resort, Surabaya, foiled a smuggling attempt of parrot, which were stuffed into medium sized plastic bottles, from a passenger ship in Tanjung Perak seaport.

5 Parrots Regain Freedom

Officers of the Natural Resource Conservation Agency of Bacan Obi Resort, North Maluku, under the assistance of Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) released 5 parrots back to their natural habitat

Rangers Rescued 10 Parrots in Ternate

Rangers from the Nature Conservation Agency Area I, North Maluku, rescued 10 lories and cockatoos in Ternate, North Maluku, in a raid held on 20-23 August 2014. 


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