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Press Release: ProFauna Protests The Shipment of Moluccan Parrots by Allegedly Corrupt Army Officers

(09/25/2012) ProFauna Indonesia condemns the policy of the Natural Resources Conservation Center of the Forestry Department (known and abbreviated as BKSDA) in Ternate, the capital of North Maluku, Eastern Indonesia for issuing a permit letter to transport protected parrots to some officers of the Indonesian National Armed Force (known and abbreviated as TNI).

Illegal Parrot Trade in Maluku Continues

ProFauna Indonesia's wildlife trade monitoring show that the illegal parrot trade in Maluku, Eastern Indonesia still continues. The records show that in October 2011, dozens of Moluccan parrots were trafficked from Jailolo District in West Halmahera to Ternate, the capital of North Maluku Province.

Press Release: SLANK Campaigns for Parrot Protection in North Maluku

(03/27/2010) The decreasing population of North Moluccan parrots which threats the birds with extinction has moved a famous Indonesian music group band that has more than four millions fans all over Indonesia, SLANK, to campaign for parrot protection together with ProFauna Indonesia, a wildlife protection organization.

Flying Without Wings (Part II)

After finishing its investigation in 2001-2002 about the trapping and trade of cockatoos and parrots in North Maluku, ProFauna Indonesia conducted a similar investigation in the south part of Maluku Province, Indonesia. The investigation was carried out between December 2003 and May 2004 and was funded by Project Bird Watch/the Indonesian Parrot Project.

Help Profauna Stop Parrots Smuggling in Indonesia

There are about 85 parrot species in Indonesia, 14 of them are classified as globally threatened. One of the regions with many parrot species is Wallacea which includes Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and the Maluku Islands.


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