Lady Sparked Internet Rage by Posting Birds of Paradise Hunting Photos on Social Media

Feronica Natalia Saman, who posted photos of her hunting Birds of Paradise on Facebook, had sparked a massive internet rage. The photos posted in 23 November 2016 (which had been deleted earlier today) were reported by Facebook users to Protection of Forest & Fauna (PROFAUNA) Indonesia.

PROFAUNA responded immediately by reposting the disquieting photos in our Facebook page, in hope that more people could become aware of this issue and the authority would pay serious attention. Our post quickly went viral; in less than 24 hours it has been shared by more than 880 Facebook users

They expressed their loathing to Feronica's misconduct, deems her heartless for killing Birds of Paradise. Here are some comments in PROFAUNA Indonesia's Facebook post:

Geen Herman: Feronica, this is very disheartening. If you claim yourself as a Papuan person, you should be taking care of our native wildlife. I hope this is the last time you're doing it, please do not repeat this atrocity. Your smile on the photo is unbearable...!!!

Rhanu Fauzi: Punish the hunters to prevent other from doing the same. She's a university student, she should be taking part in protecting our nature, especially endangered wildlife. Instead she's flaunting this cruelty, what a terrible person!

Sigit Selandomo: How could she said "God Bless"? God creates plants and animals to adorn the Earth, and we humans are obliged to take care of them. Feronica, you sure are brave to have killed God's creatures.

Andi Gunawan: I strongly wish that the authority will catch these hunters to make a good example for the other hunters out there, especially those who like to kill endangered animals like Hornbills and Birds of Paradise.

Addy Julian: I feel very sorry to see those beautiful creatures being hunted and killed. How could she do that? She's well-educated though...

Not only Feronica had gained herself a public animosity, her illicit act is also strongly censured by local environmental activists in Papua, as reported by ANTARA below:

Jayapura (ANTARA News) - Environmental activists in Jayapura denounced their fellow resident of Papua's act of hunting and trading Birds of Paradise on Facebook. The head of Forum Peduli Port Numbay Green (FPPNG), and environmental organization, Fredy Wanda in Jayapura, Papua, stated his resentment towards Feronica Natalia Saman who posted photos of her Birds of Paradise and Parrots hunting activities.

"She (Feronica Natalia Saman) is supposed to protect our mutual pride, but instead she took pleasure in such illegal acts," said him.

Personally, Fredy is furious upon seeing the post, because he knows that the government is working hard to protect those endemic bird species, yet apparently there are still some of their own people who continue hunting and selling the wildlife of Papua.

"That woman has several Facebook accounts, and she has been selling Birds of Paradise. She offers live bird for IDR 5 million, and IDR 3 million for a stuffed bird. She must be sanctioned!" added Fredy.

In another occasion, Dian Wasaraka, another environmental activist and a friend of Fredy Wanda said that social media has been one of the most accessible and affordable to sell illegal goods including Feronica's Birds of Paradise.

"It is a shame that Facebook is used by too many irresponsible people for illegal business. The authority must take immediate actions, but I believe that the cyber police and other environmental activists are working on it," said Dian.

In concern to this case, Jackeline Galatang, a tourism consultant also deplores this act. She told ANTARA that a lot of institutions have struggling to promote better protection of Birds of Paradise, yet there are still these awful people out there.

In her Facebook account's bio, Feronica Natalia Saman mentioned that she studied at Univesitas Papua and had lived in Palembang, Sumatra. There are also several older posts showing stuffed Birds of Paradise on sale.



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