The Endangered Javan Langur of the Slopes of Mt. Arjuna

The lives of the Javan Langurs (Trachypithecus auratus) on the eastern slopes of Mt. Arjuna is in danger due to habitat loss. A recent survey conducted by Protection of Forest and Fauna (PROFAUNA) in January 2014 up to July 2014 only recorded as much as 4 groups of langurs in that area. In the 90s, observers were able to find more than 12 groups, with 5-10 individuals in each group.

It is most likely that the scarce encounter with the Javan Langur in the slopes of Mt. Arjuna is caused by the declining size of the forest which has been fragmented by farming within the area of Perhutani. Another factor id poaching, which has rapidly brought this protected species into the brink of extinction.

 "Land clearing for farming within the area managed by Perhutani has become a serious threat for the Javan Langur, because has compartmentalized their habitat ," claimed Rosek Nursahid, the chairman of PROFAUNA.

The best example of this case might be a location called 'Bon Cembo', which is adjacent with Malang regency, Batu city, and R. Soerjo grand forest park. "A group of langur is confined in the small patch of forest surrounded by farms, thus it becomes impossible for them to move to other places," said Rosek who conducted a study on the distribution of the Javan Langur in East Java in the 90s.

PROFAUNA therefore urges Perhutani to stop clearing forested lands to be converted into farms, for the sake of the langurs who live there. The land clearing is approaching the border of thye grand forest park, and it is putting the biodiversity of East Java in danger. "PROFAUNA deems that the control from Perhutani on the condition of the natural environment of the slopes of Mt. Arjuno is not effective. This must be improved very soon, or else we will lose the forest," Rosek affirmed.

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