Clearing Wildlife Traps from Protected Forest

PROFAUNA's Ranger team supported by IPPL went on a round of patrols to clear wildlife traps from protected forests around East Java during August 2020, started from Malang regency.

The patrols were deemed urgent after PROFAUNA received reports from communities regarding illegal poachers entering protected forests. The information was proven valid, as the patrol team found three animal traps in one of the said forests in Mt. Kawi, Malang.

"Looking at the type of traps set up here, the intended target could be small mammals or jungle fowls," said Rosek Nursahid, founder of PROFAUNA Indonesia.

Watch the video at this link: wildlife traps video

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Wildlife traps found by PROFAUNA has been torn down on site, while some have been submitted to the Nature Conservation Agency for evidence, Forestry Department.

Illegal trapping and poaching of wildlife on forest area is against Indonesian law. Perpetrators are liable to a maximum one year of prison, or five years should the poached animal be a protected species.

PROFAUNA's Ranger will continue the regular patrol to prevent illegal wildlife poaching and illegal logging.

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