Profauna's Chapters

PROFAUNA Indonesia's Chapters serve to facilitate communication and coordination among PROFAUNA's supporters in certain areas. Establishment of a chapter must be authorized by PRFOAUNA's chairman. Each chapter covers a city/town, or even district (in case of remote area).

Requirements for establishing a chapter are as below:

  • At least 3 PROFAUNA supporters reside in that area
  • Written recommendation from at least 2 supporters from that area
  • The coordinator of PROFAUNA's X Chapter ('X' being the name of the city/town/district) must have a job, not unemployed
  • The coordinator of PROFAUNA's X Chapter must have a phone/mobile phone that can be easily reached
  • The coordinator of PROFAUNA's X Chapter must have been a supporter for at least 1 year, and must hold a valid member card
  • Written authorization from PROFAUNA's chairman
  • A chapter must be organized by 3 (three) persons: 1 coordinator, and 2 deputies
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ProFauna Indonesia is an Indonesian society for the protection of
wild animals and their habitats