Riza and Pimpim Volunteering at P-WEC

Riza Mediana and Fitri Amalia RiskaDuring the university vacation, most students will spend their time going hometown. Unlike their peers, Riza Mediana (goes by Riza) and Fitri Amalia Riska (goes by Pimpim), ProFauna Supporters (local volunteers) had spent their vacation by helping ProFauna's education center called P-WEC/Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center as volunteers for two weeks in July 2012. Riza is a teacher in Sidoarjo City - East Java and Pimpim is a veterinarian student in Barawijaya University of Malang - East Java.

Both ladies helped P-WEC running the nature conservation education and creating educational materials, especially for children as well as helping the center with the community development programs. The center which runs outbound programs to raise fund for ProFauna was also helped by the two ProFauna Supporters as facilitators. Thank you Riza and Pimpim for becoming volunteers at P-WEC!

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