Photos of Wildlife trade in Indonesia

Sea turtle trade in Bali
Confiscated sea turtles in Bali
A baby orangutan smuggling
Tiger parts trade
Monkey trade for meat
Sea turtle trade
Stuffed sea turtle trade
Slow lorises trade
Primates trade at an animal market in north Sumatera
Bear claw trade in Sumatera
Parrot smuggling
Sea turtle slaughtering
Confiscation of tiger parts in Jakarta
Tiger skin trade in Sumatera
Orangutan trade
Slow lorises trade
Primates trade
Javan langur trade in Java
Javan langur trade
A gibbon trade in Jakarta
A Parrot trapping
Parrot smuggling method
Confiscated sea turtles

The illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia has posed serious threat to the wildlife survival because most of the traded wildlife are wild caught instead of captive bred. The trade of the protected wildlife violates the Indonesian law number 5 year 1990. Offenders are liable to a maximum of five year prison term or a maximum of 100 millions Indonesia Rupiah fine. Despite the law, the trade of the rare and protected wildlife like orangutans, gibbons, cockatoos, Sumatran tiger and many more remains high in Indonesia.

The lack of law enforcement and public awareness become the main factors of the rampantly illegal trade. Since 1994, ProFauna Indonesia has been actively campaigning against the trade. Through investigations into the trade, ProFauna has brought the results and findings to the Indonesian government and authorities in order to be followed up. Some reports received positive responses from the government. However, many others are still neglected by them.

The following photo documentations show only the tip of the iceberg of the illegal wildlife trade in Indonesia. For further information, please contact ProFauna Indonesia Chairman, Rosek Nursahid: or ProFauna International affairs:

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