Proud of ProFauna Campaign

Proud of ProFauna CampaignOn 23 December 2009, ProFauna Indonesia will have its 15th anniversary. For 15 years ProFauna has been struggling and working on wildlife protection campaign in Indonesia. Ever since, ProFauna has been growing and developing its work. Starting with two members as well as co-founders in 1994, ProFauna has now become the largest network of wildlife protection in the country.

ProFauna is an active and dynamic organization, Despite its small resources in terms of funding, ProFauna has been keen and eager to reach its goals to help saving wildlife in Indonesia and has proven to successfully protect wildlife in some regions in Indonesia. ProFauna has gained those achievements because of your support.

We are proud because for fifteen years ProFauna has kept the spirit to protect wildlife from commercial exploitation and inhumane treatment. Furthermore, ProFauna grows and works as a wildlife protection organization in a country which is rich of wildlife diversity.

To celebrate ProFauna's 15th anniversary, we invite all supporters to join our "Proud of ProFauna Campaign". "Proud of ProFauna Campaign" is a campaign involving ProFauna's supporters where they wore ProFauna logo t-shirt in public places coincided ProFauna's birthday on 23 December 2009. Many of ProFauna's supporters joined and supported this campaign.

ProFauna's supporters from all over Indonesia as well as over seas supported this "Proud of ProFauna Campaign".

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