ProFauna’s Activists Jazzed Up Surabaya’s Car Free Day

ProFauna's activists from Surabaya and Sidoarjo jazzed up Surabaya's Car Free Day at Jalan Darmo, Surabaya, last Sunday (1/12/2013). The activists carried ProFauna's posters banners, and flags to catch the attention of the people of Surabaya to make them more aware towards the conservation of wildlife and habitats in Indonesia. Started at 6.30 a.m., the campaign attracted many of the visitors of the "no vehicle zone". Some of them stopped by and had discussions with the activists about wildlife-related issues, and even some of them applied to become ProFauna's supporters on the spot!

Irawan Rony, the coordinator of ProFauna's supporters in Surabaya Chapter said, "ProFauna will keep on doing public engagement about wildlife and forest conservation in Surabaya because there are many people who are not yet well informed about this issue." Meanwhile, Mohammad Zamroni, the coordinator of ProFauna's supporters in Sidoarjo Chapter who also took part on the campaign added, "Surabaya is close to Sidoarjo, so it is very nice to be able to work together in our efforts to promote wildlife conservation in these cities. Surabaya is the largest city in East Java, therefore it is very important to educate the public here and get them support conservation."

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