Police Hunt Poachers Who Caused Forest Fires on the Slopes of Mount Arjuno

Poaching activities on the slopes of Mount Arjuno are suspected of causing forest fires covering an area of more than 100 hectares

Releasing Dozens of Birds Trapped in Net in Cungkup Protection Forest

A joint team of PROFAUNA Indonesia and Forestry Management Office rescued sixteen birds trapped in the net in the Cungkup protected forest, Ngantang, Malang Regency on Wednesday (2/8/2023). 

PROFAUNA Indonesia and Kayoman Map Dozens of Springs in Pedawa, Bali

Accompanied by PROFAUNA Indonesia, Kayoman has mapped dozens of springs spread across Pedawa. Dozens of these springs are not on the village or state-owned land, but by individuals.

Join PROFAUNA's Volunteer Program in Bali: Preserving Village Springs and Forests

PROFAUNA's Volunteer Program in Bali is the perfect opportunity for you to explore Bali's natural beauty while contributing to the preservation of village springs and forests.

PROFAUNA Program in Bali: Together with Local Communities to Conserve Water Springs and Forests

The collaboration, which has been carried out since early 2023, includes tree planting activities, education, the development of environmentally friendly natural tourism and the protection of wild birds.

Joint Patrol on Mount Buthak, Destroying Animal Snares

A joint forest patrol of the PROFAUNA Indonesia team and the Forestry (Perhutani) police of Malang Office on February 21, 2023, found animal snares built near the hiking trail to Mount Buthak, Malang, East Java. The animal's snare was then destroyed, so that it could no longer be used.


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