ProFauna Urges the Surabayans Boycott of the Illegal Wildlife Trade

ProFauna Urges the Surabayans Boycott of the Illegal Wildlife TradeThe high level of the illegal wildlife trade in Surabaya wildlife markets urges ProFauna to raise public awareness of Surabaya people not to buy wildlife. The campaign was held on the Raya Darmo Street, Surabaya on Monday, 25th November 2012. In the campaign, ProFauna's activists wore various wildlife masks and carried letter posters saying "Do Not Buy Wildlife". Meanwhile, ProFauna's campaigners held discussion with the crowds.

The Surabayans gave positive feedback as they showed great interest to the campaigners and some of them wanted to join ProFauna as the local volunteers called ProFauna Supporters. Having discussions with the crowds, ProFauna campaigners also received some complaints about the illegal wildlife trade in Surabaya.

According to ProFauna's monitoring results between January and November 2012 in three wildlife markets, (locally known as the bird markets) in Surabaya namely: Bratang, Kupang, and Turi; the monthly average of the traded primate species is 40. While the monthly average of the traded parrot species is 37.

ProFauna also records the trade of the protected wildlife during the period. There were 95 protected species illegally sold in the markets including: Javan langur (Trachypithecus auratus), slow loris (Nycticebus coucang), black-capped lory (Lorius lory), Eclectus parrot (Eclectus roratus), leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), falcon (Falconidae), blac-winged starling (Sturnus melanopterus), flame -fronted barbet (Megalaima armilaris), and collared kingfisher (Todirhamphus chloris).

Radius Nursidi, ProFauna's Campaigns Officer stated, "ProFauna's campaign to urge the public to boycott of the illegal wildlife trade in Surabaya is important due to the high level of the trade in the city. ProFauna hopes that through the public awareness and education, it will reduce the trade."

According to the Law Number 5 Year 1990 concerning the Conservation of the Natural Resources and the Ecosystem, it is prohibited to catch, hurt, kill, keep, own, raise, transport and trade the protected wildlife both alive and dead. "The offenders are liable to a maximum five-year prison term and a 100-million Indonesia Rupiah fine", Nursidi added.

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