ProFauna and Rangers Patrol the Tropical Rain Forest in East Java

ProFauna and Rangers Patrol the Tropical Rain Forest in East JavaProFauna Indonesia is very serious and actively assists the government for forest protection from illegal logging and wildlife poaching as the organisation conducts joint patrol with the rangers of R Soerjo grand forest park, one of the remaining tropical rain forests in East Java. In the forest patrol held in February 2011, ProFauna not only provided financial support but also joined the patrol on the field.

R Soerjo Grand Forest Park (locally abbreviated and known as Tahura R Soerjo), is the natural and main habitats of some endemic and endangered species: Javan langurs (Trachypithecus auratus) and the Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi). The national park is 27,868.30 hectares and located between 1,000 and 3,339 meters above sea level.

In the last patrol, the team found a dead Javan langur which body showed that it was the victim of illegal hunting. This sad finding further drove ProFauna to help the rangers in the routine patrol to prevent and reduce the wildlife crime.

Radius Nursidi, ProFauna's Forest Campaign Officer, stated, "The finding of dead monkey showed that there are still illegal hunting activities going on in Tahura R Soerjo grand forest park. The crime must be taken seriously".

In addition to the dead monkey, the team also identified illegal logging committed by local people. The team saw few areas that should have been natural forest, become plantations and factories. ProFauna also receives a tip-off that allegedly corrupt military officers do hunting in the protected areas. This situation must become a challenge for the authorities of Tahura R Soerjo park to manage and protect the forest well.

The joint team of ProFauna Indonesia and the grand forest rangers will continue to conduct the regular patrol to secure the tropical rain forest which is rich in biodiversity.

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