Together For Gibbons Freedom

One of ProFauna Indonesia's field projects, Javan Langur Center (JLC) in partnership with the Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) of the Forestry Department relocated four Sumatran agile gibbons from JLC in East Java to Marak Island off the west coast of Sumatera, Indonesia (9 August 2008).

The small agile apes had been confiscated from illegal wildlife trade by the Indonesian Forestry Department and then rescued by the JLC team before being transported to the 1000-hectare rehabilitation center of Kalaweit Foundation to await their return into the wild. Iwan Kurniawan, JLC's Coordinator stated, "While pet trade takes a heavy toll on wild populations, habitat loss is another threat. Thus, our organization must work together with others' to save and give freedom to wild animals".

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