Forest Campaign

Birdwatching Training for Rangers of Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

PROFAUNA Indonesia held a short training on birdwatching for rangers stationed at Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

Customary Institution and PROFAUNA Installed Anti-Poaching Sign in Wehea Forest

PROFAUNA and the customary institution of Dayak Wehea of Nehas Liah Bing village installed a number of signs around Wehea forest

Two English Ladies Volunteer at Wehea Forest, East Kalimantan

Not many people wants to spend their time and money for social works deep in a jungle. That does not seem to apply for two English ladies,

Preparing Trees for Animal Food in Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

PROFAUNA is preparing seedlings of trees to be planted in and around Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve

When Children around Yang Highlands Learn about Wildlife Conservation

PROFAUNA's activists has been routinely giving education about wildlife conservation at schools around the remote villages.

Mt. Argopuro Closed for Safety

Mt. Argopuro, which lies within the Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve, is temporarily closed for hikers. 


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