Global Jaya Elementary Students Held Fundraising Event for PROFAUNA

 Students of the 5th grade of Global Jaya School, Jakarta, just held a fundraising event for PROFAUNA Indonesia.

PROFAUNA Talks Animal Welfare at Welfarian Academy

There has been a growing awareness and concern towards animal welfare in our public, especially among the youngsters

When Children around Yang Highlands Learn about Wildlife Conservation

PROFAUNA's activists has been routinely giving education about wildlife conservation at schools around the remote villages.

PROFAUNA Receives Letters from Students on National Teacher Day

The situation hasn't been normal yet since the massive fires. Many people had to be evacuated, and the smokes made us sick.

Educational Games and Movie for Village Children around Yang Wildlife Reserve

Ten activists of PROFAUNA mingled with the children and had some fun with them, who live in the closest village to Yang Highlands Wildlife Reserve.

Pora and Jalak enlisted to help Indonesian public understand the cruelty behind wildlife trafficking

ISAW will be enlisting the help of two wildlife friends to make it easier for younger audiences to picture the cruelty behind illegal wildlife trade.


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