Tree Nursery Center to Help the Rehabilitation of Damaged Forests

In 2023, PROFAUNA Indonesia collaborates with Petungsewu Wildlife Education Center (P-WEC) to implement a tree nursery program aimed at supporting the rehabilitation of damaged forests

The P-WEC Forest: A Prime Example of Successfully Cultivating a Forest with Hundreds of Tree Species

The tree-planting initiative on approximately 5 hectares of land began in 2002, led by PROFAUNA Indonesia and Petungsewu Adventure. The continuous efforts in tree planting and maintenance have resulted in the P-WEC area now flourishing as a forest boasting no fewer than 137 tree species.

PROFAUNA Indonesia and Kayoman Map Dozens of Springs in Pedawa, Bali

Accompanied by PROFAUNA Indonesia, Kayoman has mapped dozens of springs spread across Pedawa. Dozens of these springs are not on the village or state-owned land, but by individuals.

PROFAUNA Held Successful Wildlife Conservation Training in South Sulawesi

PROFAUNA Indonesia held a very successful training on wildlife conservation at Bengo-Bengo Forest, South Sulawesi on 14-17 April 2017. 

Education on Primate and Habitat Protection in East Kalimantan

In early 2017, PROFAUNA Borneo's activists have been visiting a number of schools in Kutai Timur regency

Bacan Queen Joins PROFAUNA in Educating Students about Parrot Protection

PROFAUNA's visit to the schools was special because Ma Eka, the Queen of Bacan, came along as the educator


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