Welcoming Ramadhan, PROFAUNA North Maluku and Nature Club Cleaned the Environment

The month of Ramadhan (fasting month) is coming. On 13-14 June 2015, PROFAUNA's activists in North Maluku and the Nature Club of IAIN Ternate held a public service activity in several points around the city of Ternate. The theme of the event was "Clean Our Heart, Clean Our Environment".

The first location was "Dosoku Ali", just across the Sultan of Ternate's Palace. As this was a voluntary event, the equipments were provided by PROFAUNA North Maluku while the garbage truck was provided by the Sanitary Service of Ternate

From Dosoku Ali, the volunteers proceed to the next spot which was Nukila Park. Along their way from Dosoku Ali to Nukila Park, they collected 5 bags of plastic wastes, 3 bags of dry waste, and 6 bags of wet waste.

On the second day, the public service event was continued around a building which used to be the governor's office, Pelabuhan Baru Port, Bastiong Port, ASDP ferriage, and Dufa-dufa Port. In those place, our activists also put on a banner to remind the general public not to trade North Maluku's endemic wildlife species.

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